Kim, words are inadequate to express my gratitude to you for your help and expertise in dealing with my ankle. Without which I doubt I would have made it to Stella point.When I got home went to the hospital an  X-ray confirmed a broken tibia.  You can add to your testimonials that your treatment enabled a sixty year old nutcase to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with a broken ankle!  A life changing experience. I hope we will get to meet up again in the future xx  –  London England 

Clare Stratton


Kim, Your recent work has put me leaps ahead in knees, back and shoulder improvement.  I am literally running around and dancing on stage. You are amazing with your healing skills.

Randy Bachman   


Kim Porter did an amazing job releasing overly tight muscles the day of a race. I felt great immediately after with improved range of motion. I highly recommend her services to runners and track athletes. NCCWMA Championships.   

 Karin Femi  


I had an amazing experience at Ace Sports Clinic.  The staff were kind and offered me refreshment while I waited for my appointment.  The atmosphere was calm and relaxing.  My massage therapist, Kim Porter, was great and helped me get back to feeling myself again.               

 Bart Bowler


I’ve been going to Ace for just over two months regarding a handful of sports injuries and have since seen a huge improvement. I get physiotherapy done with Anthony Q. and muscular therapy done with Kim P. and both are very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.                

 Calan Panchoo


I was seeking relief from arthritic pain in my SI joints and had been recommended to see- Kim Porter. She performed both acupuncture and deep massage combined with meditation. She has a very unique approach to treating pain and is very skilled at targeting the root causes of pain. I was overjoyed with the amount of relief I experienced after the treatment, I woke up the next day feeling like myself again. I would highly recommend  anyone seeking chronic pain management to see Kim! 

 Liliana Wankiewicz


Kim Porter (massage therapist) is highly skilled with lots of experience and a deep educational background in different techniques.  She is very strong at diagnosing the sources of pain, and understands how one problem area (tightness, weakness) can affect other areas of the body.

 Andrew Peat


Nothing but good things to say about Ace Sports Clinic and specifically Kim Porter. Kim helped me get over sciatica in my lower back due to a cycling injury. Her inovatice techniques allowed me to get back on the bike sooner than I would have been able to if I had gone to a traditional chiropractor. Kim has the hands and techniques that cure!

Ilias Lagopoulos


Kim Porter is amazing. She is the best masseuse and sports injury therapist I’ve ever seen. She is extremely knowledgeable of the human body and is able to fix any injury I’ve managed to give myself with running, OCR runs. She has fixed me time and time again. If you are in pain, do yourself a favor, go see Kim!

 Christina Digan

My first experience at this clinic was excellent. I went there because my massage therapist Kim Porter moved there and I can see why! I’ve been getting treatment from Kim for about 5 years now. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and is always looking to learn more and pass this knowledge on to her clients to help them live better and healthier lives. Whether you require treatment for a specific injury or just overall maintenance. Kim is the best and the biz!

 Michael Kimpton

While at the NCCWMA (North, Central America and Caribbean Region of World Masters Athletics Championships), I shared with Kim that I was recovering from a hamstring separation from the tailbone, and had received a massage, ART, and dry needling. My doctor gave me two choices after an MRI: Surgery or complete rest. I took complete rest until March 2019 before resuming training in the outdoor season. By receiving a massage before and after 2 running two events, I was able to lower my time by 1/2 1/3rd seconds in the 200 and 100 meters dash, which enabled me to receive a bronze and silver medal.  In comparing Kim with previous physical therapists who worked on me 6 to 8 weeks, she was THE BEST. Amazingly she was providing this service to USA Athletes free of charge. At the NCCWMA Regional Event in Toronto, team USA should hire Kim  as our team massage therapist.  AKA Tom Johnson, fastest man in the Midwest. NCCWMA Championships. 

 Dr. Tom Johnson


Thank you does not seem to cover the gratitude I feel for you. You literally saved my life. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

 Sarah Brunt-Carter